Upcoming Events

2017 HWC Banquet 5/19/17
Riverside Golf Outing 6/26/17
Okoboji Golf Outing 8/4/17
Des Moines Golf Outing 9/21/17

Past Events

2017 HWC Arctic Plunge 1/28/17
Iowa Wrestling Coaches Clinic 10/21/16
8th Annual HWC Shoot 10/8/16
Des Moines Golf Outing 9/22/16
Okoboji Golf Outing 8/5/16
Riverside Golf Outing 6/27/16
2016 HWC Olympic Banquet 5/20/16
2016 HWC Arctic Plunge 2/6/16
7th Annual HWC Shoot 10/3/15
Greater Des Moines Area Golf Outing 9/24/15
Okoboji Golf Outing 8/14/15
Riverside Golf Outing 7/6/15
4th Annual HWC Target Bow Shoot 6/20/15
HWC Banquet 5/2/15
HWC Arctic Plunge 1/17/15
6th Annual HWC Shoot 10/4/14
3rd Annual Des Moines Golf Outing 9/15/14
5th Annual Okoboji Golf Outing 8/8/14
10th Annual Riverside Golf Outing 6/30/14
3rd Annual HWC 3D Target Bow Shoot 6/28/14
2014 Hawkeye Wrestling Club Banquet 5/2/14
HWC Arctic Plunge 1/24/14
5th Annual HWC Shoot 10/12/13
2nd Annual Des Moines Golf Outing 10/7/13
4th Annual Okoboji Golf Outing 8/9/13
9th Annual Riverside Golf Outing 7/1/13
2nd Annual HWC 3D Target Bow Shoot 6/29/13
3rd Annual Chicago Golf Outing 5/14/13
Dirty Hawk Mudder 5/4/13
2nd Annual Plunge 2/18/13
HWC Challenge 11/3/12
4th Annual HWC Shoot 10/6/12
1st Annual Des Moines Golf Outing 9/14/12
2nd Annual Chicago Golf Outing -- CANCELLED 8/20/12
3rd Annual Okoboji Golf Outing 7/27/12
8th Annual Riverside Golf Outing 7/9/12
1st Annual HWC 3D Target Bow Shoot 6/30/12
3rd Annual HWC Banquet 5/4/12
Dan Gable autograph signing 4/13/12
Arctic Plunge 1/28/12
HWC Shoot 10/1/11
1st annual Chicago Golf Outing 8/15/11
2nd Annual Okoboji Golf Outing 8/12/11
7th Annual HWC Golf Classic - Riverside 7/9/11

How to Support HWC

With a relentless pursuit of excellence, Iowa Wrestling has a reputation and tradition unlike any other. Since 1973, the Hawkeye Wrestling Club has played a vital role in the continued success of not only the Iowa Wrestling program, but also our athletes' quest to become World and Olympic Champions.

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Supported Athletes

Lauren LouiveLauren Louive
2016 Olympic Trials Qualifier
Mike EvansMike Evans
Three time NCAA All American
Chris DardanesChris Dardanes
NCAA All-American
Nick  DardanesNick Dardanes
NCAA All-American

Dan  DennisDan Dennis
2016 Men's Freestyle Olympic Team Member (57 kg)
Bobby TelfordBobby Telford
5th NCAA All American (125 kg)
Matt McDonoughMatt McDonough
2014 National Team Member; 2014 Bronze Medal University Worlds, 2014 University World Team Member