Where are they now: Barry Davis

1. Coach– Bring us up to speed on what you are doing now– One of the last quotes I read about you is that you indicated you were never going to retire– What does Barry Davis do on an average day right now?

Working for a company called Silver Star Nutrition. It is a company that makes all Natural Protein for colleges around the country. Also going to be a Volunteer Coach for a high school in New Lisbon, Wisconsin. I am excited to be able to continue in the sport of wrestling and help change lives in young people.

2. I’m trying to think back to your college career. What did the Hawkeye Wrestling Club look like at that time? Who was in the room helping you get better as you won those 3 NCCA titles?

The Hawkeye Wrestling Club back then had individuals like Dan Glenn, Keith Mourlam, Randy Lewis, Lanny Davidson and many more. The year before and during the year of 84 Olympic trails, we would have something like 20-25 guys in the room training from all over the country trying to make the team. Some weights you had three deep in a weight trying to make the team. Not only did I have guys that to make me better but I had Greg Randall, Paul Glenn, Matt Egeland, Brad Penrith plus a couple more.

3. How important is a strong wrestling club to a collegiate team? I spend a lot of time explaining to fans and supporters the importance of having role models/mentors and work out partners around the younger athletes. What are your thoughts? You won 3 NCAA titles, made 2 Olympic teams and have numerous world level medals, and have coached for roughly 32 years… Would love to hear your perspective?

To Win an NCAA Title and MORE you have to have partners in wrestling who are there to make sure when it comes time to train, everyone is prepared to get better. Example: When I worked out with Randy Lewis, I made sure during the day that I took the time to prepare my mind for the workout. If I didn’t, it was going to be a LONG WORKOUT… The same goes for Dan G. and Keith M. Your training partners must make you continue to improve your skills, help you attack and score form all positions, as well as grow Physically and Mentally as a wrestler.

4. Do you think the Wrestling Club model has changed in the past 30 years? If so how?

I don’t think the model has changed for Iowa. It’s that other schools have made changes to their programs and now have their own clubs. I do think it’s Very Important that HAWKEYE FANS continue to support the Club. Give, so every HAWKEYE wrestler has the best training partners and has every opportunity to WIN an NCAA TITLE, WORLD TITLE, or OLYMPIC TITLE.

5. You coached Tom and Terry Brands at Iowa and then coached against them as head coach of Wisconsin. Any memories from those times that people might be interested in? Did you wrestle against them in the practice room?

From the day TOM and TERRY BRANDS stepped into the wrestling room, their drive to be the very best athletes and coaches has not changed. When I had to work out with them, I made sure to be ready because they would bring the Diesel every workout. That meant if it was a 20-30-40 min go… it was all out for every minute. Always enjoyed those days to work with them both.

6. Is there a chance we will see you in Carver this year enjoying a wrestling meet? How different will that be to watch a dual as a spectator?

Yes, I will be in Carver watching some duals. Looking forward to seeing some former Hawks and watching the fans cheer our team on. I still will take notes on the athletes and wait to see who are making the changes to give them the best chance to win come March. I am looking forward to being with my Dad as well.

** Barry Davis is one of my (and many) favorite Hawkeyes. We both graduated from Cedar Rapids, Prairie where between the two of us we won 3 state titles and many, many matches.

Barry is five yrs older then I and I will always remember being in high school working at the Wilson Ave Hy Vee. Barry’s dad Elmer would come in the store and one day he brought me one of Barry’s Olympic pullovers to wear for a week. I was no Olympian but I sure the heck felt like one!

As always, we appreciate your support!


Randy Novak
Hawkeye Wrestling Club President

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