Countdown to Worlds

Alli Ragan, Forrest Molinari, and Kayla Miracle will compete in World Championships in Kazakhstan in September.

In case you have been under a rock for some period of time… Let me introduce these amazing women to you…

Kayla Miracle

Check out her comments after Final X.

Kayla made her first Senior World Team this year. She beat Mallory Velte, two matches to none, at Final X in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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Forrest Molinari

Molinari is making her second trip to Kazakhstan for the World Championships. She has come a long way since wanting to start her sports career playing football…

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Alli Ragan

“Nowadays, girls have so many wrestlers to look up to. The better we do for USA Wrestling, the more it’ll help the younger generation. I just have to do my job and wrestle.” Read the rest of the article…

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All three of these women compete to represent Iowa, the USA, and help the Iowa Wrestling team in coaching… ALL due to the generosity of HWC Donors and ESPECIALLY the HWC Inner Circle

Thanks, Randy Novak
President, HWC

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