Dan Dennis Farewell

Olympian Dan Dennis Leaving HWC

I was able to ask him a few questions…

When are you leaving?

“Not determined 100% –I will be in Iowa City and in the room on and off through the fall.”

Why are you leaving?

“There isn’t an easy answer to this, I love Iowa City-I love the Iowa Wrestling Room-I love the coaches- but I want to explore a bit–do some traveling.”

Was the timing planned?

“Not really, I wanted to do everything possible to help Thomas get ready, but when I really think about it-the HWC is in great hands– The people we have in the room, the coaches-that makes it easier. There is a LOT of energy right now. I am really excited to be a fan!”

Right now the HWC has more athletes then I can remember, and there is talk of adding more–your thoughts?

“I think its great–but doesn’t surprise me. Being a part of the HWC is one of, if not the best thing that ever happened to me– not only for wrestling but in many ways. Once you are inside the room/system a short time you can’t understand why everyone wouldn’t want to be here, I’m being serious–not blowing smoke up your you know what.”

Best memories??

“Gosh, I could literally write a book–too many to call some the best. I remember the guys and coaches that hugged me after my finals loss as a senior– wasn’t a lot of words, but they were hurting like I was. It meant so much.  Ok, here is a good one– Tom can finish the story, but he threatened to cut my arm off. RN– You serious– he wanted to cut your arm off?  DD– I’m serious- not in the sense that he really wanted to, but he made his point. Looking back it was hilarious. RN–I will be sure to ask him about that.”

Anything else?

“I can’t overstate how much I appreciate the program, the coaches and the fans. I’m a lucky guy to be involved in it. The HWC looks to be building the support it needs to be the best–better then we already are–  The young guys in the room are going to be fun to watch–and you just know right off the bat that they are going to be future HWC members-  as I said earlier –Its going to be a blast being a fan!”

Hawkeye Fans-    If you see Dan Dennis around in the next several months–shake his hand and give him a hug. He represented his school, the HWC and the sport of wrestling in a most positive way. He doesn’t even realize it yet–but he has made a major impact on those that he has worked with and been around…

Randy Novak
HWC President

We appreciate your continued support…