Inner Circle

Hawkeye Wrestling Club

Become part of the Hawkeye Wrestling Club Inner Circle. We are creating the INNER CIRCLE for donors who setup monthly recurring donations of over $25 or more.  These monthly donations are vital to the Hawkeye Wrestling Club. They allow us to execute our mission more effectively as we are able to plan for expenses with greater accuracy.

Join Us

The Hawkeye Wrestling Club serves a passionate group of people. Iowa wrestling has a long history of developing world class athletes.

We recognize that supporting Iowa wrestling is also a passion for many people. Among those, there are some who want to be involved at a level that gives them inside access. That's why we created the Hawkeye Wrestling Club's 'Inner Circle', to allow those fans to support the Club in a way that reflects who they are to Iowa Wrestling... A member of the Inner Circle.

In order to attract high level talent, like Coach Mark Perry, we need a high level club... Join us.


One of a Kind Gear

We are producing a line of one of kind exclusive gear that will only be available to Inner Circle Members. We will also be issuing new gear yearly to Inner Circle members. This gear will be high-end and allow you to show your level of commitment to the cause when you are out on the town or over at Carver.

Private Forum

We have a private forum exclusively for the members of the Inner Circle. Want to see what we are talking about? Join us! After you sign up for the Inner Circle, click here to join the Forum.

Insider Access

Want VIP access to events? We will be making our offerings available first to our Inner Circle Members. Have a favorite wrestler or coach? Get in line before anyone else to hit the links with them at our golf fundraisers... Want a VIP tour of practice, just available to Inner Circle Members? Join the Inner Circle.

Exclusive Content

Want to know what's going on behind closed doors? Be the first to know what's happening with the team? We will be producing regular content to give you a glimpse of what's coming, so you can be the first one to know...

Inner Circle Members

Thank you to our Inner Circle Members... Each of the people below gives at least $25 per month to support the Hawkeye Wrestling Club...

 A name with an asterisk denotes supporters at Level 5.

Bill Fordice
Bill Hoben
Bill Hoeft
Bill Mitchell*
Bill Samuell
BJ and Amy Miller
Blake Rasing
Bob Franklin
Bobby Miller
Boyd and Karen Shaffer
Brad Davis
Brad Hellickson
Brad Lester
Brad Losee
Brad Nagel
Brad Nielsen
Brad Trow
Brad Obermeier*
Bradford Reeves
Brandon Young
Brent and Ellen Feller*
Brent Coleman
Brent Holstein
Brian Shedek
Bruce Ennen
Bruce Green
Bruce Tweeton
Bryan Bliven
Caleb Smith
Chad Gotto
Chad Heiden
Chad Martin
Chad Olberding*
Chad Velvick
Chantz Davidson
Charles Deahl
Charles Wolfe
Chris Bagby
Chris Boran
Chris Haupert*
Chuck Yagla
Clint Knoll
Cody Woodward
Colby Grothoff
Colin Corey
Corey Stanley
Cory Taylor
Craig Grobstich
Craig Kerndt
Dain Lundvall
Dan and Gretchen Chapman
Dan Blomquist
Dana Scott
Daniel Beirne*
Darin Foreman
Darren Grimshaw
Daryl Weber
Dave Oelmann
Dave Reynolds
David Burdakin
David Groteluschen
David Howlett
David Kutz
David Lahr
Derek Johanns
Derek Metz
Dennis Carroll
Denny Ridenour
Diane Woodward
Dick Cassidy*
Doug Benjamin
Doug Kolsrud
Dustin Comried
Dustin Grothoff
Eladio Couto
Elijah Waterman
Eric Fleshman*
Eric Quinn
Eric Sacharczyk
Eric Stafford
Evan McCarthy
Gabe Ralfs
Gable Schoonover
Gary DeRaad
Gary Lentzkow
Gary Mohr
Gary Schoonover
Geoffery White
Gino Fagnilli
Grant Bohlke
Greg Anderson
Greg Hill*
Heath Edwards
J.D. Stover
Jack Engelken
Jackson Hanft
Jacob Lehnhoff
Jacob Molacek
James Brown
James Lardner
Jamison Hoy
Jana Grienke
Jared Swenson
Jason Coenen
Jason McCormick
Jason Mitchell
Jason Wurth
Jay Harvey
Jay Pattee
Jed Brown
Jed Schuck
Jeff Forcht
Jeff Jager
Jeff Wilson
Jeremy Rasmussen
Jeremy Swenson
Jerrod Keith*
Jerry Yeggy
Jim Lass
Jim Ostrander
Jim Scarr
Jim Weirich
Jodi Reindl
Joe Hockey
Joe Nelson
Joe Wegman
Joel McCaw
John Boardman
John Degl
John Estes
John McAtee
John Osterhout
John Stokes
Jonathan Fry
Jonathan Wilson
Jordan Hildreth
Jordan Walker
Jordan Zaputil
Jordin Bakke
Joseph Wheaton
Josh Hinkle
Josh Immerfall
Joshua Lowe
Joshua Madsen
Julia Tomash
Justin Fallein
Justin Fix
Justin Luneburg
Karl Treiber
Keith Stanley
Kellen Kraber
Kelly DeVore
Kevin and Margaret Tellier
Kevin Collins
Kevin Krieg
Kevin Ring
Kim Klein
Kurt Steward
Kyle Bowlsby
Kyle Wellington
Lance Lane
Larry Johnson
Larry Pump
Larry Richards
Layne Irwin
Lee Weber*
Leslie Beaird*
Logan Gahring
Lyle Seydel
Marcus and Kim Lang
Mario Galanakis*
Mark Greiner
Mark Law
Mark Lucas*
Mark Reiland
Mark Seil
Mark Trizzino
Marshall Bickford
Marty Vanderheiden
Mat Eveleth
Matt Burright
Matt Geneser
Matt McBride
Matt Otis
Matt Ryan
Matt Strasser
Matt Ward
Matt Wilkerson
Matthew Kees
Matthew Kretzschmar
Matthew Lepic
Michael Cavener
Michael Hake
Michael Lance
Michael Zierath
Mike Beal
Mike Brown
Mike Crane*
Mike Doughty
Mike Fallein
Mike Freel
Mike McClure
Mike Railsback
Mike Schwarck
Mike Wilbur
Mitch Thomann
Nate Jacobs
Nate Slater
Nicholas Thompson
Nick Davidson
Nick Jameson
Nolan Mente
Nora Lee Balmer
Pat Ryan
Pat Venteicher
Patrick Gilman
Patrick O'Rourke
Paul Bushong
Paul Coffelt
Paul Daft
Paul Kammerman
Paul Kapustynski
Perry Glassgow
Pete Davisson
Phil Soucy
Phillip Langrehr
Ralph Garcia
Randy and Carrie Wohlers
Randy Blaylock
Randy Dawson
Randy Martin
Randy Vogel
Ray Novick
Reed Schlee
Reggie Reed
Regis Butz
Rich Elliott
Rich Oloffson*
Richard Young
Rick Bach*
Rob & Alicia Hutt
Robert Alsaker
Rodney Comried
Ron Coleman
Ron Jacobs
Ross Lulu
Russ Pixler
Ryan and Stacy Kinkaid
Ryan Cassidy
Ryan Dunlay
Ryan Roemerman
Salomon Aragon
Scott Beck*
Scott Eslinger
Scott Hayungs
Scott Monat
Scott Tomash
Scott Volquartsen
Sean Dunlay
Sean Woodward
Shaun Glick
Shawn Voigts
Skylar Stark
Sone Lovan
Spencer Duncan
Spenser Jorgensen
Stacy Kinkaid
Steve and Beth Reese*
Steve McClelland
Steve Murray
Summer Miller
Susan and Michael Nielson
Taylor Jameson
Ted Nichols
Terrie McCain
Terry Cole
Terry Klooster
Thomas Pronk
Tiegen Podliska
Tim Colby
Tim Dvorak
Tim Hugunin
Tim Oldenkamp
Timothy Butz
Timothy Grissel
Timothy Schroeder
Todd Gladson
Todd Tarpley
Tom Bertell
Toni Rogers
Torrey Martin
Travis Weaver
Troy and Kathryn Haider
Troy Roach
Tyson Yohe
Wayne Hicks
Wayne Marple
William Kinney
William Tallman
Zach Frederick
Zach Grouwinkel
Zach Walters

Inner Circle Levels

We have broken the Inner Circle up in to four smaller circles... With a higher level of commitment, the more you get and the more we can give.

  • Level 1: $25-$49 per month

    With Level One of the Inner Circle, you get a Nike Swoosh Flex cap

Join the Inner Circle
  • Level 2: $50-$74 per month

    With Level Two of the Inner Circle, you get:

    • Nike Swoosh Flex Cap
    • Nike Legend Dri-Fit tee
Join the Inner Circle
  • Level 3: $75-$99 per month

    With Level Three of the Inner Circle, you get:

    • Nike Swoosh Flex Cap
    • Nike Legend Dri-Fit tee
    • Nike Therma Dri -Fit Hoodie
Join the Inner Circle
  • Level 4: $100-$199 per month

    With Level Four of the Inner Circle, you get:

    • Nike Swoosh Flex Cap
    • Nike Legend Dri-Fit tee
    • Nike Therma Dri -Fit Hoodie
    • Nike Dri-Fit 1/2 Zip
Join the Inner Circle
  • Level 5: $200--and up

    With Level Five of the Inner Circle, you get:

    • Nike Swoosh Flex Cap
    • Nike Legend Dri-Fit tee
    • Nike Therma Dri -Fit Hoodie
    • Nike Dri-Fit 1/2 Zip
    • Klim Inferno Hoodie
Join the Inner Circle