Plunger Tips

HWC Polar Plunger Tips

THE HWC ARCTIC PLUNGE: Iowa Wrestling Supporters Jump in a Freezing of Water to Raise Money for Wrestling

The Hawkeye Wrestling Club (HWC) is a community of people who support the “Iron Sharpens Iron” work-ethic that is expressed in the Iowa Wrestling Tradition. Through athletic fundraising, HWC assists wrestlers chase their Olympic dreams after graduation, while training with the college team and staff. All funds raised from Arctic Plunge support the Hawkeye Wrestling Club advance the state of wrestling.

The Arctic Plunge is a great way to bring everyone together – including your company. All business aside, the Plunge could be your best work party ever!

Brown Deer Golf Club 1900 Country Club Dr, Coralville, IA 52241, After the Duel.

The Polar Plunge lives or dies based on your level of involvement. It’s a team activity! So we need you to gather your squad and get on the mat. We have put together some suggestions to up your game…

“Help me support the athletes of the Hawkeye Wrestling Club who represent Iowa on the world wrestling mat. Please donate to my Arctic Plunge page!”

"You can make a difference! Help me reach my fundraising goal as I take the Arctic Plunge for the Hawkeye Wrestling Club."