Come to a Practice at Carver

As the collegiate season approaches, I want to encourage everyone to stop by Carver and watch a practice. They are open to the public, and you get a great chance to see the collegiate athletes interact and work out with the post-grad HWC athletes. Official practices start on October 10th. You also get to hear one of the coaches address the team before practice. The workouts last approximately 2 hrs.

Here is a video of Coach Perry showing how to get to the wrestling room within Carver.

This Saturday there is an open workout at 10 am. I understand there will be several recruits in town. It would be a great day to start early, get your favorite tailgate parking spot and get over to the Dan Gable Wrestling room to see the action.

This past Saturday, I attended the workout, and there was a great showing by the fans! While I was there, a supporter asked me how the HWC was doing.

Let me explain my answer:

We feel like we are doing great– we have 13-14 athletes we are supporting. We support our full-time coach, Coach Mark Perry. We are among the largest clubs in the nation. Our fundraising has improved. I can tell you the HWC is making a difference.

With that said, we are still fighting an uphill battle on funding. We are certainly paying our bills, but we are spending more then we are taking in and dipping into reserves. This isn’t uncomfortable for me, because I know that’s what those funds are for. However, it makes me aware that I need to work harder to spread the word about what we do.

In last 18 months, Mark Perry has made 6-7 international trips. The HWC pays for those trips so he can coach our guys and gals. This is critical as it allows Coach Brands and his staff to be in the room and out recruiting.

My message to you is to help spread the word about Inner Circle. That is where we can make an impact on our yearly revenues. Here is a link to sign up for a monthly recurring donation.

Inner Circle

We now have approximately 260 Inner Circle members with donations ranging from $25 per month to $500 per month. Obviously, we need to grow that, and we need your help. the HWC is a 501c3 not for profit–so your donations are tax deductible ( please consult your tax professional)

The Inner Circle comes with a lot of perks such as gear and free drawings. We are working hard to add value.

If you are an Inner Circle member, thank you. If you are not a member, but you are in a position to help, we would appreciate your support. If you know of someone who can help us, please spread the word or have them get in touch with me.

*** A little more than a week left until we draw for the trip to Budapest. To see this year’s World team compete, get your tickets here!

2018 UWW Budapest Raffle

Thank you– Go Hawks!

Randy Novak
Hawkeye Wrestling Club President



—————————————–The Hawkeye Wrestling Club is a 501c3 not for profit. Donations are typically tax deductible (please consult a tax professional).

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