Be Good… Be Really Good

Today is a sad day–  My friend and fellow board member Rob McReynolds is no longer with us after a battle with cancer. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

I  wished I had met Rob earlier in life–  we met through wrestling probably 7-8 years ago and I got to know him and see he and his wife Barb at wrestling events, HWC Golf outings etc. We recently did a piece on Rob and the inaugural Rob McReynolds Passion Award. It speaks to the character of the man and his passions.

Even though Rob lived in Colorado, we asked Rob to join the HWC board of directors several years ago because of his passion, his forward thinking and because he cared– he cared about Iowa Wrestling,  he cared about the HWC, he cared about the sport of wrestling.

Rob often flew into CR/Iowa City for board meetings–I got to know him on a personal level–  as we shared time on the HWC board. As good as he was on the HWC board, he was a better friend– Rob simply cared about others. In the past couple years we stayed at each others homes, we attended concerts together and we both traveled to Budapest to watch the Worlds last fall. He was a guy that lit up the room.

Rob–RIP– sure going to miss you!!

Tom Brands– Rob was a  brave friend, a loyal friend. He is a part of the Iowa Wrestling Family. In death he is still present with his Hawkeyes. All our prayers are with Barb and the family.

Terry Brands– Rob is a testament to the light of this world. Always tenacious about about having fun and loving his family and friends. I love him dearly.


I will end this with a saying Rob would use often.

Be Good…Be Really Good