Steve Cannon vs Iditarod [again] for the HWC

Some of you may remember the indomitable Steve Cannon. He has raised money for the HWC in years past by racing the Iditarod Trail Invitational in Alaska.

Steve is from Iowa AND is a Hawkeye Alum. He has competed in nearly 100 marathons, a 350-mile bike ride across Alaska, a 1000 mile run around Lake Michigan, and the world’s longest kayak race! 

His resume is too long to list in this blog post, featuring harrowing winter adventures to inspire and amaze… Check it out on his great site:

Here’s a quote from Steve about wrestling, “When I was attempting to get my life back together 30 years ago, it was the people in the wrestling room that showed me the way. These adventures/challenges I am able to undertake now are due in no small part to the Hawkeye Wrestling club.  Helping those athletes chase their dream is how I repay my debt. -Please support me and in turn support the HWC ! “

A quote from Terry Brands–
“Steve Cannon is a machine! A strong, smart, productive machine.He puts a lot of energy into life and this program.We love & respect him very much.

Join the HWC in saluting Steve and supporting him on his adventure!

Click here to Donate to the HWC in support of Steve Cannon.


Randy Novak
HWC President